2014 Toyota Corolla – “Legendary Reliability” Built to Inspire


Red Corolla_SmallWhat do you look for in a car.. Safety? Overall design and appearance? Gas mileage?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Toyota Corolla is a perfect fit for you! Not only was the Corolla awarded the “Most Dependable Compact Car” by J.D. Power but the new appearance, safety and fuel economy will make you believe the Corolla was built to inspire.

Some of the new features on the Toyota Corolla include a better sound insulation, a larger backseat, LED headlights and an “iconic dynamism” interior and an “aggressive” exterior. The 2014 models of the Corolla have the option of blue, black or amber interior accents to “spice things up a bit”. (AutoGuide)

We know that what you put in your vehicle is valuable to you, therefore safety is important. Corolla Interior
Toyota Corollas all are equipped with Toyota’s Star Safety System, a “suite of six safety systems designed to help when you are in harm’s way.” The system specifics typically consist of Traction Control, Antilock Brake System, Brake Assist, Smart Stop Technology, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Vehicle Stability Control.

The Corolla is also at the top of its class for highway fuel economy. The body weight of the Corolla was produced intentionally under 2,900 lbs to ensure the best possible fuel economy. Which does get a combined 31 miles per gallon! (AutoGuide)

Now what are you waiting for? All these amazing features for a very reasonable price and extremely dependable! 90% of all Toyota Corollas sold in the last ten years are still on the road today! Call or chat with us online today to set up your test drive!



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