5 car noises you should not ignore

It’s easy to say that you don’t have money to fix some of these small problems now, but wait a little while and these small problems turn into money hungry monsters. You’ll be paying a lot more later on down the road.

1. Increased thwacking sound as your vehicle accelerates.

Your tire is dying. The tread on the tire is departing and pieces of it are whipping the inside of the wheel well.  In some instances, large pieces can become dislodged and mangle the exterior or underside of your vehicle, causing more damage.

2. High-pitch screeching sound under hood

A high-pitched screeching sound that comes from under your hood and matches engine speed is often a serpentine belt in its last hours of life, but there are many other belts which may also be the culprit. Belts which power many other devices including water pump, power steering, air conditioning compressor, and alternator. A screeching belt will eventually break and leave you stranded. Fix this if you want to use your vehicle to get you from point A to point B.

3. Squeaky brakes

When your brakes are screaming at you every time you use them, the brake pads or shoes are at the expiration date. The screeching comes from a tab of metal built into the pad that becomes exposed as material wears away. If you do not replace the pads or shoes and this noise goes away, head to the service department today because a new noise will begin…

4. Grinding noise

Now the squeaky brakes have stopped, but you haven’t fixed them. The next sound will be a powerful grinding sound which means the last of the pad has ground away and the metal backing plate is now pressing directly onto the brake disc. Your safety has now been compromised because trying to slow down your car will be less effective. The repairs will now be more expensive now because the discs will have to be replaced as well as the pads and or shoes.

5. A loud sucking sound

When you’re at a gas station and begin filling up your gas tank, you may hear a sucking sound coming from your vehicle. This is due to a gas guzzling monster that is your vehicle, slowly sucking your bank account dry and replacing it with empty fumes. Do yourself a favor and visit us at toyotaoftheblackhills.com and find a gasoline sipper. It will definitely save you money down farther the road.

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