Future Toyota Supra Will Sport a BMW Engine

If you’re a Toyota fan or even just remotely interested in cars, you’ve probably heard or seen the sexy FT-1 Concept that’s been parading around for more than a year. “FT” stands for “Future Toyota” and “1,” well, everyone knows what the number 1 signifies.

The FT-1 Concept is planned to become the future Toyota Supra when it finally goes into production, but it won’t be a Toyota engine under the hood: it’ll be a BMW engine. The collaboration is part of what the two automakers call “Silk Road,” a project aimed at building a new generation of sports car—and the Supra will be one of the first.

We were originally led to believe the Supra would be a hybrid but according to Car and Driver, that seems to have been pushed out of the picture in favor of BMW’s turbocharged inline-six engine. Electrification is still a possibility though, especially given the latest rumors of all-wheel-drive and supercapacitors.

The Supra will launch as a coupe in 2018. We can’t wait for it at Toyota of Black Hills!

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