Gold Discovery Days

In our neighboring Custer City, the 92nd annual Gold Discovery Days festival will take place this weekend from July 24 through July 26. This traditional festival is packed with events of all kinds. The festivities range from the quilting festival and various sporting events to the laser shows at the end of each day, which is sure to be impressive.

There’s really something for everyone at Gold Discovery Days. People of all ages are sure to enjoy this event. Held every year to celebrate the discovery of gold in the Black Hills area, it’s meant to bring together the whole community and let them show off their talents. With events and competitions geared toward every age group from young children to teens to adults to seniors, this festival is just something you can’t miss.

Of course, at Toyota of the Black Hills, we’re especially excited for the car show, which will take place Saturday from 8:30 in the morning and run until 2pm. We’re excited to see what classic cars you all bring to the festival!

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