#GoPriusGo What’s New?

Now that we’ve all seen the exciting new #GoPriusGo commercials that aired during the 50th Super Bowl, let’s go over what exactly is different in the new 2016 Prius..

  • More luggage room thanks to the re-positioned, smaller battery. The battery once made out of lithium used to be under the cargo area but is now positioned under the backseat in the new 2016 Prius. Made even smaller than before and made out of nickel instead of lithium.
  • The new model is longer and wider than previous ones2016 Prius IPA
  • Has a lower center of gravity making it highly aerodynamic
  • Most fuel-efficient Prius thus far, 50 mpg highway / 54 mpg city
  • Most amazing new feature – Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) to Parallel Park and Perpendicular Park itself, and this automobile can pull out of parallel parking spots as well.
  • Seats are form-fitting “Sitting on them is like receiving a warm hug”
  • New air filter that gets rid of pollen, which those who suffer from allergies will definitely appreciate

Read the full article for more information on the new Prius here.

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