New Details Revealed about the Future Toyota-BMW Sports Car

Toyota-BMW Sports Car

Toyota and BMW have teamed up to create the next generation Toyota Supra and BMW Z4. The project, called “Silk Road,” will combine the expertise and know-how from both automakers. BMW will provide the turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine and rear-drive chassis, while Toyota will offer exterior design elements and a large investment.

Prior reports suggested that Toyota would also offer up its expertise in inexpensive hybrid technology, however Car and Driver is currently suggesting that “there’s currently no indication that the Silk Road cars will offer hybrid options.” It is possible that hybrid technology could be an option for these cars down the line.

The new, revived Toyota Supra coupe will be available as a 2018 model, and The BMW Z4 will likely offer a smaller four-cylinder engine, while the Supra will stick with the more powerful six-cylinder. In addition, Top Speed points out that the new Toyota-BMW sports car’s platform will likely be flexible enough to be used on other BMW variants and maybe even a Lexus model.

Many reports suggest that the future Supra will be based on the FT-1 Concept Car unveiled last year at the Detroit Auto Show, though only time will tell.

Here at Toyota of Black Hills, we’ll be keeping an ear out for additional details. Check back often for updates!

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