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Future Toyota Supra Will Sport a BMW Engine

If you’re a Toyota fan or even just remotely interested in cars, you’ve probably heard or seen the sexy FT-1 Concept that’s been parading around for more than a year. “FT” stands for “Future Toyota” and “1,” well, everyone knows what the number 1 signifies. The FT-1 Concept is planned to become the future Toyota […]

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Look Ma, No Hands: Toyota Autonomous Car Technology

Robot pedestrians, robot animals, and robot cars all make up the University of Michigan’s “M City,” a 23-acre suburb-like test site for new autonomous vehicles. Toyota is testing some of its latest self-driving car technology at this facility, specifically designed to assess how well the new computer systems really work. Although you might be expecting […]

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New Details Revealed about the Future Toyota-BMW Sports Car

Toyota and BMW have teamed up to create the next generation Toyota Supra and BMW Z4. The project, called “Silk Road,” will combine the expertise and know-how from both automakers. BMW will provide the turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine and rear-drive chassis, while Toyota will offer exterior design elements and a large investment. Prior reports suggested […]

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