Taking a road trip in a Toyota Sienna

When I first began working at Toyota of the Black Hills, I can honestly say I’d never noticed all the hype behind one of the most popular mini-van’s. Growing up we always had a Ford van which generally suited us just fine. I can say now that if the Sienna has been around when I was a child, I would have been begging my Mom to buy one.

Recently I took one of our rental Sienna’s for the weekend to haul around our family in the Black Hills. As a sedan lover, I wasn’t too excited about driving a van but I was quickly impressed the moment I drove it off the lot.

toyota sienna, toyota of the black hills, black hills toyotaWhat makes it so nice to drive?

With enough room to fit six of us and three dogs, there was no reason to worry about space and comfort. The best part of hauling the dogs for us was they fit perfectly into the lowered trunk area. Give them a blanket and they were as happy as can be!

Why we loved the Sienna…..

  • Comfort – We drove a more standard model with cloth seats (my preference is leather), but it was surprisingly comfortable as we sat in the van for hours at a time. The kids liked the back seats so they could recline and take a nap too!
  • Reliability – If you have ever traveled through the winding hills in Western South Dakota, then you know that it can take it’s toll on your vehicle. The Sienna preformed great for us and drove through the hills without a single issue.
  • Styling – While not a huge fan of minivans for their complete lack of style or luxury, I believe the Sienna is the only van out there that makes me think, “oh that looks cool.”
Would I buy one? 
Honestly, I’m not sure. Not because I don’t think it’s a great vehicle, it’s simply too big for my family and our needs. If you are in the market for a people carrier that holds a lot of great features, then the Sienna is truly for you.

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