Taylor Swift Toyota Commercial for Chinese Market

Now Taylor Swift can add one more endeavor to her ever-impressive resume: a Toyota Camry Hybrid commercial. However, it will only air in China. The original clip has unfortunately been removed from many media sources, and we weren’t able to get a sneak peak of the versions the country/pop starlet taped for the overseas car commercials. We do, however, have a video she created last year about seatbelt safety.

Singing the chorus of her song “Wildest Dreams” from the hit album “1989,” Swift, adorned with her signature red lips, and “standing in a nice dress”—which go with the song lyrics—sways in a flowing red gown framed by a red fiery background, adding to the overall mystical quality. Musical prodigy Li Yundi also makes an appearance playing the piano against a blue psychedelic setting. In the second taping, Swift dons a black flowing dress while an accompanist plays a ‘harp’ formed from a blue flowing ribbon-like-light.

While the marketing message of the Taylor Swift Toyota commercial remains vague to those of us in the States, perhaps it is to highlight the “magical” qualities of the Toyota Camry hybrid. Or that owning Toyota’s newest dual-powered car will fulfill your “Wildest Dreams.” Whichever the message may be, come in to visit us at Toyota of Black Hills to make your “dreams” a reality in our newest selections of the Toyota Camry hybrid today!

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