The Imminent Dangers Of Drowsy Driving

Drowsy Driving

It’s an interesting phenomenon that people who would never, ever drink and drive would regularly drive drowsy. Many of us know the dangers of drinking and driving because of the long-standing campaign to educate the masses to combat it—yet the dangers of drowsy driving remain obscure. Here are a few facts to wake you up and help educate you about the dangers of drowsy driving:

Drowsy driving causes 100,000 accidents every year, in which there are 71,000 injuries and 1,550 people lose their lives. The Huffington Post breaks down the physical effects of getting less than six hours of sleep. It slows your reaction time, making it so you can’t process information as well or as quickly. Your short-term memory also takes a hit. In other words, you are drunk without the alcohol.

There are certain factors that make it more likely that you’ll become drowsy at the wheel, such as if you drive alone, drive long distances without stopping, or you are on the road between midnight to 6 or 2PM to 4PM.

Don’t be afraid to pull over and take a short nap if you find yourself feeling drowsy while driving. Drink some coffee or other form of caffeine to wake you up and take breaks when driving a long distance. All of these may seem inconvenient, but they are all better than getting you or someone else hurt. All of us here at Toyota of the Black Hills want you to stay safe on the road!

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