Toyota and BMW work together on a new sports car

Imagine a racing car with the capabilities no man has ever encountered. A racing car found only in a science fiction movie in which Anakin Skywalker may have won the Boonta Eve Classic in a galaxy far, far away. O.K., I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but a racing car like this may not be too far from existence.

In December of 2011, Toyota and BMW made a deal to work together on an array of new technologies for the near future. There has already been an existing partnership between the two major car companies, but this further ties them together for upcoming attractions. The four areas these two titans will be converging on are: fuel cell development, powertrain electrification, lightweight and carbon fiber technology and a sports car architecture.

I can imagine so many possibilities stemming from this partnership and I’m sure whatever happens, it will be incredible. Maybe I’ll be going to the moon sooner than expected.

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