Toyota’s Airline Seat Will Help Relieve Some of the Stress of Flying

Anyone who has ever flown in a commercial airliner knows the sad truth about flying. Those seats are extremely uncomfortable! No matter how you…twist…turn…lean…nothing seems to work. Turns out, there are real scientific reasons why airline seats are terrible.

Gizmodo explains the way a typical airline seat is designed. All of your weight is put on your hips since the typical seat insists you sit upright or mostly upright. This creates that awful “hunched-over feeling” that seems inescapable.

All Nippon Airlines decided they were no longer going to subject their passengers to this kind of torture. Who would an airline company turn to in a situation like this? If they were smart, they’d go with a company known for their skills in creating some of the most comfortable and ergonomical seats in the world. All Nippon Airlines is very smart.

The airline has formed a partnership with Toyota, the automaker agreeing to design a new seat for the airline. Toyota’s airline seat is made to support a “wide range of body sizes.” Now if only make flying as economical as driving a Toyota!

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