Vote TODAY, June 6th for the American Red Cross of the Black Hills

Video on why the American Red Cross of the Black Hills could use a new truck from Toyota  We need everyone to vote on June 6th for the American Red Cross-Black Hills Area Chapter. What are we voting for? For them to get a new truck from Toyota. They applied with a video as to why they need a new car and are 1 of 500 organizations that were chosen as finalist. Toyota is giving away 100 cars in 100 days and June 6th is the day to vote for the American Red Cross. They will be up against 4 other organizations.  At the end of the day whichever 1 of the 5 has the most votes, wins a car. In this case, the American Red Cross has said they are in need of a truck.

Read all about how the program works here. The only way to vote is through Facebook so make sure you login and vote. You can click on the vote button below on June 6th.

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