We are a Pet Friendly Dealership

Bring your dog to the dealership?? Sure, if it’s Denny Menholt Toyota!


Is your dog a ‘car guy’? Does she like to go for a ride? Take in the sights from the back seat? Well, next time you are shopping for a great ride, remember Denny Menholt Toyota is a dog-friendly dealership, so you can bring your furry friend while you check out the newest Toyota models. Welcoming dogs to workplaces is part of a growing national trend that recognizes the benefits our dogs bring to our lives.


Studies show that pet owners have lower stress levels and recover more quickly from heart attacks. Dog owners, especially those who walk their dogs, have more opportunities for socialization and are less likely to be obese. Further, the CDC has stated that owning a pet can lead to lower blood pressure, triglyceride levels and cholesterol. Dogs have also been found to have a calming effect on children and people with anxiety.


As more workplaces percieve the health and social benefits of dog ownership, it is increasingly common for them to be ‘dog-friendly’ or in other words, to welcome employees bringing their dogs to work with them. There may be many benefits to both businesses and employees as a result of dogs at work.


Randolph Barker, a professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University, has studied the effects of dogs in the workplace. Barker reported that dogs in the workplace increased co-worker cooperation and interaction. People who brought their dogs to work also had lower levels of stress at the end of the day than those who did not. (NPR, 2016)

At Denny Menholt Toyota, we would love to see your pup and you next time you’re in the market for a new car.

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