Your Old Cell Phone Devices Could Help Save a Child’s Life

In the United States, every 40 seconds a child is wrongfully taken from their families’.  Thankfully there are organizations like the American Association for Lost Children to help rescue these innocent children. AAFLC physically goes on thorough investigations throughout the United States and any other country where an incident may occur. To date they have successfully reunited over 135 children with their families’, for absolutely no cost to the family. (AAFLC) They are the only organization that provides this type of service for free and they need your help to continue reuniting these children with their families.

Do you have an old junk drawer full of old cell phones and other various electronics? You could help save a child’s life by simply donating those items to the AAFLC cause.  This fall Rapid Chevrolet and Toyota of the Black Hills are teaming up to help support AAFLC. In each of our service centers will be cell phone drop boxes, where customers can kindly drop off their unused or unwanted old cell phones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, PSPs, Gameboys’, and GPS Units. Once the cell phone drive has been completed we will send the donated cell phones to AAFLC where they team up with a recycling company called CellFund. The recycling company will either refurbish or recycle the cell phone devices in an environmentally safe manner with proceeds going to AAFLC. Watch these videos to learn more about the organization and how they raise funds and awareness.

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